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Feb 12, 2012
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After I got my EF 70-200mm f/4, I eagerly went to an ice hockey game (Dubai Mighty Camels) to take some action shots.
Well, that turned out not so easy at all, especially since there was plexi glas around the complete Ice Rink (plus enclosed black net on top).

So, away from the action, I'm pretty happy about this specific shot of the, not so fast moving, goalie ;-)
I love the sharpness of the lens (even through plexi glas) and the reflections on his helmet. Bokeh also ok, I think?

Camera Model: Canon EOS 60D, Focal Length: 94.0mm, Exposure Time: (1/125), Aperture: f/4.0, Focus Dist.: 4.55m, ISO Equiv.: 800, Whitebalance: Auto
Metering Mode: spot, Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)

The Might Camels....that gave me a good laugh. :lol:

The photo is a little bit under exposed. The jersey, the ice and the boards are white, so they should look white in the photo.
Also, your white balance looks to be off as the whole image has a yellow color cast to it.

As you have seen, shooting sports isn't easy. Especially when you have to rely on artificial lighting. This is why professional sports photographers use very expensive gear.
I'm going to have to echo what Big Mike said: It looks a little under exposed and the whit balance is off. That aside, I'm not a huge fan of the composition, but from the sounds of it, you couldn't move around a lot...
Thanks BigMike and JimTonkin for your time and critics. It's excellent and invaluable feedback!

I had the feeling that I've overdone PP in LR, but I was carried away by the beautiful purple color of the jersey and helmet, so wanted to have this popped out.
That the ice got very sandy yellowish, well, hope the mighty camels don't mind ;-)

Here the shot again with less PP and cleaner shirt & ice. And cropped the goalie more to the left.
I conclude less is more (in regards to PP)?

Thanks again :thumbup:


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