C&C on college grad shoot..thanks


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Mar 28, 2012
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#2 and #4.. I am seriously in "like"! She is lovely! Highlight is a strange locations.. how did you fill these?
these look pretty nice to me... hot spot on her head in one and I guess I'd more expect some looking UP at her rather than down.. and I don't understand the one foot pose? lol random! she's a beautiful girl. maybe a little overdone on the eyes in all though!
#1 is a bit bright for my taste and the face is too dark in $3 - same reason but those are tiny cavils.

Really nice stuff.
Thank you ... and the foot pose was all her lol... I thought it was a little silly too, but apparently it had something to do with her sorority sisters and an inside joke. I was using a reflector to fill... (my 12 yr old son doing the controls lol).
Agree with Charlie about the odd location of the catchlights; reflector low and right? #1 seems just a hair soft to me, but other than that, nice set.
Right after hitting the submit button... I see all these issues lol.... WHY can't I see them before lol. Especially the darkness on her face in 3 and the hot spot on the head in 1... And I am sure I can fix those things... THANKS so much
$tpf edit 2.jpg.... lightened her face a bit
$tpf edit.jpgnot such a bright edit... maybe even a bit sharper... and tried to darken the hot spot on her head a bit
I really appreciate the c&c...thank you all so much.
She's off-centered in several of these (shots 1,3,and 5), and those photos look less than optimal due to her placement in the frame. SHot #1 has a very distracting, almost neon-green background that looks awful. The other shots look much better. #2 is a VERY confident, beautiful shot. #4, with the bright water background and the tree trunk behind is kind of odd. Not sure why the two huge background blocks are there...the white water highlights are very distracting, and the strongly textured tree trunk is very 'copmpetitive' with her. The foot-lifting pose needs about 25% of the left side just cropped off. Having more space behind her, and her face crowding the right edge of the frame causes tension that's not helpful.
In #3, to me it looks like she has no arms and there's just a graduation cap floating around ;)

I really like #2.
It does look like she has no arms/hands ...wow lol...oops

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