C&C please.. portraits outside!


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Jul 13, 2008
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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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Went down to the lake today, and took pictures of a friend. How do they look?





pretty cute... i like redheads
C&C per req:

1. About 1/3 stop over-exposed; you've lost most of the detail on the jacket on her left side.

2. Good exposure in this one, but I'd suggest burning in the ground a little; it's slightly over birght. Also watch your composition; you've cropped off the tip of her elbow. It's fine to crop body parts, but do it boldly so that it looks intentional, and not at/through joints so that it seems accidental.

Both 1 and 2 would be nice pictures if you could see her face; as is, they really do nothing for me.

3. Very nice; the only thing you could do here would be to burn in her face just slightly, other than that, good job.

4. Nicely composed, but the a bit mid-tone rich for my taste. I'd suggest a a bit of a contrast boost and possibly a levels/curves tweak to bring out more black and white.

5. The mono conversion is more pleasing on this one, but I don't like the pose as much. The downcast eye works in #4, but is too exreme in #5.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Some very nice shots! And I really enjoyed reading John's C&C for some great advice. :thumbup:
Thanks everyone.. and John, those are some good points. Thanks for taking the time to help. Ill have to go back on the originals, could fix up the b&w ones, and maybe it was just a sloppy crop in #2. But probably not. yes, great advice!
#1 and #2 - Not sure why you would want her looking completely away from the camera. For me that just kills it when you cant see any part of the face. These also appear a little dark, some fill flash is needed.

#3 - This is the best one in my opinion, but she is a bit squinty and has shadows in her eyes which isnt very flattering. My guess is that she's looking into the sun. Next time take her to a place that isn't in direct sunlight or in shade.

#4 & 5 - I agree with tirediron, these are too mid-tone rich. The lack of contrast makes them dull. Also I guess I dont like the composition in these.

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