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C&C Please - Tobacco Barn Silhouette


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Jun 20, 2009
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I shot this old tobacco barn out behind my house tonight. I was trying to capture the silhouette of the barn against the sunset. The shot was handheld.
The only PP was cropping and I removed a small spot in the upper left of the image. I was just cruising around trying to take advantage of the light while it lasted. Did I pull this off or is it just a variation of a tired old theme?

ISO 200
26 mm
f /16
1/400 sec

Works pretty well for me. Good use of panoramic format. If you could lighten some of the lighter areas on the right, it would be a little better balanced and the house better framed.
doesn't work for me... it's silhouetted but it's against the dark part of the sky which makes it melt in w that cloud... doesn't really focus on the barn...
Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean about the barn blending in too much with the dark areas on the right side of the frame. Truth be told, I was so happy with how the sunset turned out, I totally missed that in my initial self critique of the picture. I will definitly work on it. Thanks a bunch!
I agree with dodging in some of the right side of the barn. The sky is so gorgeous here that I feel like the barn is competing with it. You captured some beautiful light with the sunset.
I love everything except I wish the barn had more of a complete outline

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