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Sep 1, 2010
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Cooperstown, NY. Currently in kansas
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well here is a couple i took today im not too impressed with them so let me know what you think and feel free to do and edit


my friend wanted pics but didnt want to take the time for some good ones so this is what he got
Not good, i bet you were on auto ISO with those settings 1/1000 F18 ISO must have been above iso800
It looks like your friend got what he wanted.......pictures that look like they took no time. Not much else to really say......it sounds like you know they aren't that exciting.
#2 you can at least improve a little bit by straightening out the building.
He doesn't want to scratch his board? :)
Why the watermark? lol

Anyways, way too noisey, subject isn't working with camera well, and you cut off the feet on the second shot.
well this is all I could do with them....the backgrounds are too distracting, especially the crooked brick building. Would have been better with him standing right against the brick.


Yeah, that's probably the best you could do with it, only problem is that you lost a lot of detail of the grass when you denoised the shot, BUT it's pretty much the only thing you could have done.
"Girl Forever"....??? No wonder he looks pissed. :lol:
haha thank you for your thoughts. no we actually stood in zumies for 2 flippin hours while he picked a board he wanted and he just wanted some pics quick and i put the water mark for looks lol
So thats why hes pissed cuz he stood in zumiez for 2 hrs then when you pulled the camera out he realized it was a pink girls board. I get it now.
haha no he had everyintent on buying that board he purposely matched the trucks and wheels to the pink board. i just stood there and laughed the whole time

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