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Apr 29, 2010
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Well I ask the same thing, but it seems to be the style now with kid pictures....
ya i agree with bitter...pics seem overexposed...not sure if the white on white is workin for me. were you going by ur light meter? if so ulll have to tune it down a bit because of white light confusing the meter.
Yeah, but 4 of the 6 images are hugely blown. Is that really the "new thing"?
I think people are mixing up high key and over exposed...they aint the same
search for toddler photos online.
You will see it is the way to edit.
Nice and super friggen bright! lol
I don't like it either but I post on a moms message board too and if I don't make them so dang bright you can barely see anything they tell me I'm under exposed.
I think they're adorable! As a parent, I would love those. I like the slight overexposure (or high key as bigtwinky suggests - that one's new to me, as a newbie), but I think most of them are a tad TOO overexposed.
They are adorable, but I don't like the overexposed style. Hopefully it will go "out" soon. :) Didn't you post some of the girl before? If that was you, I like these better, except for the editing. But if its what the mom wants, well, not much you can do.
I've made the comment on a few of your shots about the overexposed backgrounds (along with some other viable thoughts and suggestions). I get the impression you don't care for them too much because I don't ohhh and ahhh over your photos.

But take a look at this post. It explains what I've been tring to say. So, I'll leave you alone now. Good luck.
I do appreciate it. If I do not personally thank you, I'm sorry.
I get mixed suggestions, from here, another board, in real life, it is hard to keep up with it all.
I do not use flash outside, right now I have no off camera flash and even if I did I don't think I'd set it up for a one year old.... They are busy.
So I've been told it is not possible to expose the subject and the background properly, choose one and that one will be the subject so your backgrounds will be blown....
Yeah, but 4 of the 6 images are hugely blown. Is that really the "new thing"?

Let me re-phrase Bitter's comment: Of the six images, four are hugely blown out. Is that truly the "new thing"? Or is it just the way a lot of newcomers handle wide-ratio lighting conditions, by allowing the highlights to totally blow out,and then processing the images so that the results look horrible?:sexywink:
and with your winston post that is all good and well for winston.
However, a one year old does not stay in the same place long enough to be able to control the metering like you can with a doll...
You shoot and pray, so to say....

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