C&C portrait of my friend


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Jun 27, 2010
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So he came over and I decided to try to practice my portrait photography. Any suggestions? there's a weird white glare for some reason that showed up ... anyone know why? it looks fine on the computer before i upload it. I took this portrait mode but changed it around and flipped it so it looks more like landscape now too..

I know it's not super good, but i'm going to try to keep improving! thanks!

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I dont mean any offense, I swear I don't, but I don't see your friend. I see a silhouette of a person, maybe a guy, probably looking out the window and not at the camera at all. He is backlit which is why he is dark and the window is bright. Was that what you were going for? I don't want to waste your time telling you how to get him in there if that's what you wanted.
that was what i was trying to do :D

i changed the picture to a different one, btw.
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I think the reason I find this picture a little boring is just because the sky behind him adds nothing to the photo. The silhouette is good (coming from a beginner) with only enough detail to show a bit of detail in his face. I think if this had been shot with some sunset colors in the background it would be much more appealing.

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