C+C: Strobe lighting for portrait.


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Aug 30, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA
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I got my new softbox in and wanted to test it out.

Nikon D90
16mm f2.8
Sb-600 through soft box
Sigma flash, non diffused.

I wasn't really going for a in studio look, as I used my messy garage
I'm just interested in knowing how the flashes can be used or diffused, differently or better.

I think this is an appropriate lighting, but it appears that you missed the focus; the lips seem sharp, but the eyes are soft. What was your actual set-up (as in, where was each light, relative power, distance, etc)?
I don't know how to explain it in proper terms, but I'll do my best.
I shot the sb-600 at 1/4th through the soft box, up high, angled down, towards the face.
This strobe was placed about 3 feet in front and to the right of the subject. (camera right)

The sigma was shot at 1/16th? power, and I just tossed that on the hood of the car.
3 feet to the left of the subject, and down at waist level.

And I believe I shot 1/160 2.8 or 4.

I see strobists do shots like this using strobes
portrait style, but 'on-set'.
What should I research for stuff like this.
I'm not so into back drops, and I like to shoot in an environment of some kind.
Yeah lighting looks good to me, and I don't mind the background one bit.
Thanks Tirediron, I checked out your links
thats strobists 101 thing is really cool.
Went through it twice, have it saved, and plan to go through it again sometime.

Thanks Dominantly

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