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Jun 2, 2009
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Finished putting together my first time lapse a week ago. I am thinking of doing another one this weekend, any suggestions or critiques on this one? I always want to better my work, so feel free to tear into this lol.

Any idea how to get rid of the slight flickering as well?

Thanks for the help!
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The flickering looks like it's caused by auto-exposure.. time-lapse is best shot in manual mode. You might want to try and get your tripod a little more stable as well.. legs and center column in their shortest positions, maybe hang a counterweight from the center column if you can.
Thanks for the tips a.u
I had it all set up on manuel exposer/aperture. It must be something else.
The counter weight idea is a good one. I set my tripod must have been jerking around in the wind or something.
Any other thoughts?
White balance, ISO, shutter speed, aperture all were on manual?
It was all set on manuel. The only thing that I can thinking of that would cause the flicker is the changing light intensity between shots. The clouds that day covered and uncover the sun every-now and then.
Yeah, could very well be...

How much time did you have between frames?
10 second intervals between shots. Then played at 24 frames per second.
The amount of flicker is very slight, and there are programs that can eliminate some flicker. LRtimelapse is one, but there are others as well. If you're at all interested in timelapse, take a look into the Timescapes forum: TimeScapes: TimeLapse Video, Time Lapse Photography

It's amazing what some of them do and they're all very helpful just as the people are here.

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