C&C - Trying to improve framing/cropping

I would choose the first because the green in the seat cushion is prominent and echoed down the row right to the mop - and it is clear that you are aware of it.
In the second, the dark cushion on the other side is given equal prominence and the effect of the green is sort of lost. And it seems that the photographer is oblivious to it.
The first one. I think the larger space gives a feeling of her having to do/having done more work to get the bus clean.
framing/cropping has a lot to do with personal tastes.
yes, there are some general photographic rules that say "this way" is more pleasing than "that way", but most of it really comes down to what you are trying to show with the photo, and what you think best accentuates it.
I think most times you could crop a photo several different ways and it still be "correct"
I like the original uncropped version much better, the second one really makes my eye itch, to me it feels unbalanced and messy.
To each his/her own of course.
How would you crop it? (or would you?)
If you would like to see how I would crop it, please change your profile settings to "photos O.K. to edit", then we can all take a stab at it.
21015007161_f855e67a34_b - Version 2.jpg
Subject and aisle are both vertical, so I chose to crop to a vertical format. I also cropped the brightly-lit area in the foreground to keep the viewer's eye on the figure. Speaking of which, I think you missed focus if the lady was the intended subject. The leading lines are all good.

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