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Jan 26, 2016
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Hello everyone, I have been analyzing professional photographers work.I am looking for ways to turning my picture taker skills to professional photographer's skills so I need your help. I really glad to be member of community and I really love follow your projects.
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Welcome to the forum! It might help to tell us a little about what sort of photography you're interested in, where you're located, and what type of gear you use. One issue I notice with both images you've posted here is focus. In the flower, there doesn't seem to be any, that is, the whole image seems soft, while the camera does have a clear point of focus, but may not in the right place.
The flower shot could have better balance, and the focus is not sharp.

The camera shot has some distracting elements in the background.
Thanks for your answers both are good points. People and landscape photography shine out for me . I use canon 700d with ef-s 18-55lll lens. I think that it doesn't have much af point compared to same level nikon . Both images I selected af point manually (only one point) because it was selecting irrelevant points @tirediron @Designer

First : iso1600 f/5,6 1/25sec
Second : iso400 f/5,0 0.3sec
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I also feel like the flower shot is oversaturated by a slight amount.

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