I really like tree shots and I think the car is in the way lol. Any particular reason you included the car in the shot?
I quite like it, and think it demonstrates an element of design, called scale, quite well
One of those little nit picky things my mind sees, that you could have pulled off if you happen to carry a ladder in your camera bag...

I just want a little breathing room between the roof of the car, and the tree/ground line...


I don't believe you have to have one clear subject. I believe your subject could acually be the relationship between things in the image, as you have done, whether on purpose, or not.
I like it, sort of carries the title of the last hike of autumn - lone car in the parking lot - I know we can't be sure, but imagine a bit - trees without leaves - the only thing I would try is maybe a bit more contrast in the trees.


Thanks guys. It does look better with some "breating room" above the car. Excuse my ignorance but can you tell me how I would go about getting more contrast in the trees?
Pre, or post process?

Don't use the camera's monochrome/B&W mode.

Convert to B&W post process.
Hows this?

IMG_0768 edit by jaywf956, on Flickr
Go easy on me lol, never used photoshop before. I'm taking a photo class and we're learning the basics.

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