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Oct 16, 2012
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So, all you lens experts out there! What can you tell me about this beautiful lens?

Listed as Hoya Minolta fit 135mm 2.8 Close Focus.

Seems that it is a Minolta fit, looks too wide for MD so I'm thinking AF? A mount?

Anyway, love to know what you think of it, as I have just won it on eBay for 99p :O

Says it is smooth functioning etc, but lets be honest, for 99p who can complain!
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It looks like a typical 70's - 80's 135 mm; the optical design of these was fairly simple so the sharpness should be reasonable but you may find that it has low contrast and significant CA.

It looks as though it is a MD bayonet fitting, but you haven't shown the mount - look for the letters MD (or MC) on it, possibly on the ring around the front element. Why do you think it is too wide to be a MD mount, have you not attached it to a Minilta MD body?

Looks too old to be any auto fitting.

What makes you think that it may be a M42 mount? If it is actually an M42 then it will be a screw mount rather than bayonet and should not have been advertised as a Minolta fit.

Probably a reasonable performer but the Minolta Rokkor 135's of the time would probably out perform it.
I have only purchased it today, this picture is from the eBay page, so I don't know what the mount is, but looking at the same lens MD fit, it seems like a different lens and a narrower mount?
It says MI on the ring at the rear,which I assume to be "MInolta" and has a mechanical coupler on the back of the lens.

It cannot possibly be Minolta Autofocus mount...because it has a mechanical aperture ring...which Minolta A mount/Sony Alpha mount do not have.
Looks like a decent piece of glass, but that damage to the business end may make attaching filters a challenge. If you do plan to put something like a CPOL on this, do it carefully the first time 'til you find out how easily it goes on and comes off. It doesn't want to turn any more, DO NOT force it!

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