What camera would you suggest as an upgrade to a PENTAX K-x ?


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Jun 4, 2013
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I've had that one for a few years, but only after a while of having it, I started to get into photography. That's why I still feel like I should get better with the current one first. But lately I've been feeling like I'll need an upgrade eventually, so what would you suggest? Should I look for a Nikon, Canon, Sony or just stay with Pentax? I like the Pentax idea, since I know the interface, so the switch would be rather easy, but it's not like it will take forever to learn how to use a different one. And the other brands seem to offer a bit more too.
So anyway, back to the question for which I created this account- what do you, guys, suggest?
Hi VonZigmas - I think people are having a hard time answering your question because they don't know what kind of pictures you take or what your budget is.

If you want a metal-bodied, weathersealed APS-C still camera below 1000€ - your only choice is the 550€ Pentax K-30. It is compatible with your current lenses and the ergonomics will be familiar.

If your budget is above 1000€, the best crop sensor metal-bodied still camera on the market is the 1179€ (with 18-105 lens) Nikon D7100 - but it means learning a new camera and investment in a whole new system.

This is the best I can do without a better understanding of your budget and what kind of pictures you take (landscapes? weddings? sports? outdoor adventure? family pictures? video?)

Hope this is helpful and good luck with your decision,

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I'm not sure about the budget, since I could buy the Nikon, but I'm not sure if I'm up for paying the money for a camera. But then again, would I really feel that the K-30 is an upgrade?

Anyway I mainly do macro stuff. And then a little of everything. So 24Mp does seem useful.

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