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    I have been looking at some camera backpacks and was hoping I could get some opinions and suggestions. I have already bought one backpack that ended up being to small for my taste and breaking within the first two weeks I had it.

    -Canon EOS Elan 7ne
    ---Undecided Macro Lens
    ---Undecided Lens for the 100-300mm range
    -Filler Flash
    -Light Meter
    -Tripod and/or Monopod
    -Some Extra Stuff (Snack, Water, ectÂ…)
    (Words in green I am expecting to get in the future, near and far) I am not 100% sure on my purchases in the future so I could end up with more or less lenses then I believe.

    The ones I have been looking at are:

    Pro Trekker AW II (

    Photo Trekker AWII (

    Dryzone 200 (

    As you can I want a large bag that can carry my current equipment and my future. I figure if you are going to spend money on a backpack, why not be able to use it more than a year. I will mostly being using the backpack for Hiking in the mountains and for whenever I will need several different lenses with me. And opinions on the bags listed above and suggestions on some other bags are appreciated.



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