Camera not responding on close ups


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Dec 26, 2007
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Today while trying to shoot a few close ups, there were a number of instances where the camera simply would not take the shot.

Set on AF, it focused and the 'unfocused' and subsequently didn't respond.

Does this indicate that it simply can't focus so close with the kit lens (18-55)?

The odd thing is, before it defocuses and ignores me, it brings the subject into perfect focus.

I got at least one ok shot though!
Might be too close to focus, or there might not be enough light for it to focus (probably because you & the camera are blocking a lot of light).
Like Big Mike said, it might be that there is to little light for the camera to focus. If you have the AF-assist lamp on, it doesn't work well closer than about 0.3m. Try turning it off, then focusing. Sometimes the camera expects the AF-assist lamp to illuminate everything perfectly. Hope you get some great shots! (not to say that the one you showed us wasn't ;))
If your subject isn't moving, just use manual focus, set the lens for close focusing, and then move back and forth to get the subject in focus.
My Canon lenses won't AF when beyond the minimum focusing distance of the lens, and because of this when you go to shoot a picture it wont take because it can't AF. Either switch to manual or pull back a bit.
Another problem you might be having if it actually does get good focus is low battery...

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