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Dec 19, 2007
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Do any of you know why my camera still shows the camera shaking logo on the screen even when the camera is resting on something flat and I'm not touching it?
I had a point & shoot camera that had that logo... If I remember correctly, it basically meant it was in low light and to put it on a tripod or other sturdy surface to prevent camera shake, not that the camera was actually shaking.
It may not be able to sense if it's on something solid. I'm guessing that's it's mainly reading the shutter speeds...and it gives you a warning if the shutter speed is too slow.
it's probablyjust a warning "put me on something sturdy" and making sure you don't expect a perfect hand held shot. Probably looks at the shutter speed in relation to the focal length and figures out if camera shake is likely.
I've always thought that it detected low light and your settings and it was just a warning for you to put it on something sturdy. Like it doesn't go away even if you put it on a tripod.

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