Can Blackrapid strap handle my gears weight?


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Sep 12, 2013
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I'm wondering if the Black Rapid RS-7 can support my D7100 with a grip and the sigma 150-600mm sport attached to it? Does anyone know the weight limit on these straps?
They have no problem with my gripped D800 & 300mm f2.8; I think you'll be fine.
Contacted their official support channel too when i made this thread, they confirmed what you said.
Absolutely But just some safety tips.I would always support the lens when walking about.I would not let it hang freely and put dead weight on the lens mount or totally rely on any strap stitching regardless of how tough they are. Another thing I do is moisten the rubber washer before tightening it down to the camera body.I always keep the lens collar any big lens that comes with one and use it as my carry handle,some times I would put the collar inside my pants and belt like a Inside waste pants holster when my hands are cold or cramping.My belt and pant will support the weight.
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Support that lens.

The lens mount on a D7100 is screwed into plastic.
Only the top plate and rear plate of a D7100 is metal.

You can put a lot of trust in the BR strap.
Be sure the lens is attached to the BR strap with the lens tripod mount.

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