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Can some explain the HDR process to me?


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Apr 14, 2007
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I think these shots look great, but I really have no idea how to do them. Can anyone show me their work, perhaps the original and the finished product...or maybe a step by step process?
well, first you need to sacrifice an otter to the sky gods...

well, first you need to sacrifice an otter to the sky gods...


Thats only if you want to mix shadow and highlight... all the real experts know that if you want TRUE HDR, it has to be the family cat that is sacrificed for best results... lol

(just kidding people, I am an avid animal lover!!)
LoL...the off topicness of this forum the last couple days is hilarious. Must be the holidays...:lmao:
btw: Just found the picture that spiked my interest in HDR, some of you may recognize it.

if a photo is not yours you are supposed to post a link to it only. Just giving you a heads up before a mod changes it anyways.

It is cool, though.
You can also check out hdrphotos.net they have some great tutorials there im a mod there so if you have any questions feel free to ask me my username is the same on there
I tried the sacrificial method, it didn't work, all I got was a lousy picture, and a lot of angry animal rights activists !

All joking aside, hdrphotos.net is great.
I have photo shop elements 6.0 and was just wondering if this program is capable of HDR photos.


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