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Jul 10, 2014
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I posted on the thread “The Death of C&C” and it was deleted. I wasn’t given a reason why this happened which is a bit ridiculous really a bit like hitting a dog, the dog doesn’t know why it’s been hit just that it has been.
I'm sorry, is there an actual question here? Your post is in the "Test" forum. Perhaps you meant this elsewhere?

I haven't looked at that thread in a few days and didn't see the post in question. If it was deemed inflammatory, then yes - it would have been removed. If you're curious, it's best to contact moderators privately than to simply make posts like this.

There's actually a TPF guideline about it: * Should you disagree with a staff member's decision regarding one of your posts, please contact that staffer, or the site owners, privately. Publicly challenging a staff member may result in banning, regardless of who is deemed right. For example: a moderator closes your thread. Opening a new thread on the same topic or to insult or challenge the moderator may lead to your being banned.

To cry "cancel culture" or "freedom of speech" means you have forgotten this is a privately owned forum with guidelines that are expected to be followed. Throwing down a public gauntlet does not serve any of us. No one has "cancelled" you. Please refer back to the guideline, and feel free to contact someone if you'd like to.

Hope this helps. Peace.
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