Canon 30D > 40D or wait for the 50D?


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Jan 4, 2006
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So I know this question has no one answer, however I am so very tired of the dust on my 30D sensor all the time that I am considering the 40D for that reason alone (yes I know all the other features are very nice as well, but it's the dust that caps it for me). No matter how many times I clean it in no time at all the dust is there, so the self cleaning is very appealing to me.

I had at first thought about a 5D since I planned ahead and my lenses are all EF. But since I have the battery grip for the 30D along with other batteries etc. I started to think about the 40D since I believe they grip will work on that along with the same batteries?

I have started hearing, seeing and reading about the new 5D which we know will turn up one day, but I'm also hearing about the 50D which we know will also turn up 'one day'. But I've heard that Canon has changed the battery so I cannot use the ones with my 30D, and ya know that the grip won't work cuz Canon loves to mess with us :)

So my questions are,

1. Can anyone confirm the 40D can use the grip from the 30D?
2. Does it even make sense to go from the 30 to the 40D?
3. Anyone have any experience of changing from one to the other?
4. Forget the 40 and just go with the new 5D when it arrives and stay with that for a few years since I don't expect to change again for a fair while after that kinda cost?

I am almost disqualifying the 50D because it would mean yet more $$$ for another grip and equipment cost lose from the 30D (ain't cheap ya know!).

Thanks for advice, comments, suggestions, insults :)
It appears the BG-E2N grip fits both 30D and 40D, but I also see a BG-E2 grip listed as fitting 20D, 30D, + plus. So in my opinion, the grip will work.

If you want a new camera, by all means get one. I just bought a 40D without a second thought. I would also love a full frame camera, but I need more FPS than the 5D offers (horse Racing). I am in no hurry for a full frame, so I am waiting to see what comes of the "rumors".

If you love your 30D, you'll love a 40D.

I've been shooting with a Canon 1Ds which also has sensor cleaning, and the sensor is dirty all the time anyway. Don't believe the hype.

Wait for the 5D Mk II.
I am surprised, I had not come across many people unhappy with the sensor cleaner. Maybe my air blaster has life yet lol :)

Thanks for the feedback.
I think it depends on how badly you need a new camera. I bought my EOS 40D a few weeks ago because I really couldn't wait two months to buy it in Canada which would have cost me more than 500 dollars less and after having it for like three weeks I am really glad that I made that decision. I think it really depends on what you will use your new camera for. I believe 5D is really great for landscape photography...
I bought my 30D and 4 months later the 40D came out :(

I still love my 30D and I just blast the sensor with air to clean it -- I've only needed it professionally cleaned once. I don't plan on a 40D for a while anyway (probably 4 months before the 50D is announced ). I have a mix of EF and EF-S mount lenses, so I don't see myself going to a full frame sensor for a while.
Thanks all for the comments, my main reason for the move from the 30D is the dust, it drives me nuts how quickly it seems to grab it. Never fails that I load an image and the dust is either there or I switch to a channel and it's all over it (I like to convert a lot to B/W).

And as I said the reasons for hanging in the 30/40 zone was being able to use the stuff I've already spent the $$$ on like the battery grip and extra batteries.

I guess I'll hold out a little longer unless I finally reach breaking point with the dust and my Giotto blaster gets worn out from over use :)

And the main reason for the 5D entering the mix is not only the full frame, but I had a film version and it was easily the best work horse I've owned.

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