Canon 5d owners. Too good to be true??


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Nov 13, 2008
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This store sells the Oem anon battery grip for $160 starting bid. I got one but seein it from Hong Kong kindda questioning it. But this store also has 99% positive reviews

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Ehh did some research not gonna pay them. It's a counterfeit crap!
It may or may not be counterfeit. I have seen that complaint often even with Digital Rev which is a big company that ships from Hong Kong as well. However, I just paid $180 for my 7D grip, so its not so insane of a good deal that it seems fishy. However, it also states that you are responsible for import duties and taxes. Customs doesn't check EVERYTHING, but if they do happen to check your shipment, you may owe money upon delivery of the item.
Yeah I don't know. Also they go for over $250 online which is why it's a huge drop. I dont' think they're the same price range, for a 7D and a 5D
Ah ok, I didn't think there was much difference in price among grips. My fault. Then yes, I wouldn't order.
I won the bid but I ain't paying lol I don't care my eBay I'D is so well and I have all good reviews. I outta 500 won't hurt :) I'm retting on the grip and may spent the money toward a 2nd speedlite instead

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