Canon 60D or Nikon D7000?

How can I add a poll to this?
If I were you I would choose the D7000, for some reasons

Sensor: The larger sensor gives a better image quality
Resolution: It doesn't matter for me
AF: 39 Focusing point! It works a lot and very attractive!!
ISO: 25600. That's great, you will be able to shoot at night within a better quality (Less noise)

Hope this helps you in your choice!
To add to that:

Some magnesium body and weather sealing
dual SD card slot
150k cycles of shutter-release testing
6fps compared to 5.3

Easy pick.
Thanks Guys! But I don't think the price is announced yet. We'll see if the D7000 turns out to be super good deal soon. :sexywink:
Canon 60D ($1100 body $1400 kit):
better video.

Nikon D7000 ($1200 body $1500 kit):
Magnesium, sealed body
6 fps
39 focus points that can track by color
full color light meter
most likely better high iso performance
100% viewfinder
dual SD card slots
30 years of lens compatibility, MF or AF
nikon's wireless flash system
slightly smaller body

hmm.... doesn't seem like a difficult decision to me, especially considering that the difference is only $100.
Same I'm a Canon shooter myself, but Nikon has them beat big time here
Same I'm a Canon shooter myself, but Nikon has them beat big time here

Yes, the D7000 seems to be a winner this time. I am waiting for its actual release and feel it on my hand before I made the decision.

The price may be even cheaper with some of the online stores. :lol:
D7000 is one of the most anticipated cameras in quite a few years. Should be a killer camera. Can't wait to get mine!
Think I will just keep my 1D MkIV & 1D MkIII. They get the job done for me.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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