Canon A-1 With Tamron LD 28~200mm $350.00 obo

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    Here is some info on this camera:

    1-Nice Canon A-1 Body, serial #2303865, it is black as you see in the pictures.
    The camera body looks ok, does have some scratches & wear on the body.
    It does have a little corrosion on the bottom where the film winder goes, but looks usable (see picture).
    Bottom has a small dent from looks like mounting it on a tripod, with some minor scratches on the bottom.
    Body does have some letters scribed into the bottom of body that says: CDL#A3198828 T.S.M.
    I have tested some of the things that I could test, seems like everything works? I have tested the dials also, and they seem to work freely.
    I opened the back door where the film goes, and it looks pretty clean to.
    I would want to say give this camera a tune up. I did run film through it (5 rolls), and this camera worked great!

    Camera Lens:

    1-Tamron Aspherical LD Lens 28-200mm 1:3.8-5.6, Made in Japan. This lens looks like it is in good shape, but might have some minor scratches on the body (not the lens). I have mounted this lens on the camera and it seems to work fine. The dials turned good and freely. I would give it a tune up, or a good cleaning. This seems like a REALLY nice lens! This lens also comes with a Vivitar 67mm Red-no.25 (A) Filter on it.

    1-Alfon Thyristor Zoom/Bounce 680 Flash. It is in decent shape, does have some minor scratches on it, and it seems to work ok? Does have some damage to where battery door is, looks like someone tried to pry open the battery door.




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