Canon A510 or Olympus C765???????

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by damian5000, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Hello all..... First post here. I'm having a really hard time deciding between the Olympus C765 and the Canon A510! Price difference between the two will be $60 (though with this price difference, I would have an extra set of AA rechargables for the A510, but not an extra battery for the C765..which is one thing to consider...I guess the difference would jump to at least $100 if I bought an extra battery for the C765).

    I like the zoom, better performance, and higher mexapixel rating (A510 is 4x 3.2, C765 is 10x 4.0) of the C765...Really, I'm not sure how much use i'll get out of those options, but it's nice too know they are there if I need them. On the other hand I like the A510's body design, compactness, and that it's a newer model camera.

    The A510 is rated a 7 on image quality by Zdnet, the C765 is rated an 8. Both cameras were said to have "Excellent" photo quality by I guess my question here relates to the fact that the A510 is about a year newer model the the C765. So is a year older's 8, a year later's 7? Honestly how much of a difference, if any will I see between these 2 camera's in terms of picture quality?? I couldn't see much difference in either the explanation in the reviews or the actual photos taken.

    Thanks for any opinions! I really am having a difficult time deciding....

    - Damian


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