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Canon AE-1 With Vivitar 70-210mm Series 1 Lens Stuck On It


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May 7, 2013
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Hello All & Happy New Year,
I just took delivery of a Canon AE-1 camera with a nice Vivitar Series 1 lens. Unfortunately the previous owner put a Vivitar Series 1 lens on it and it can't be removed. Can't twist it one way or the other. Seems all camera functions are working as they should, but would like to have the ability of using other lenses. Anybody have an idea how to remove this lens? Hoping to get a positive response.
Thank you,
Does the lens have a basic twist ring type collar or some lock button ?
The lens appears to be the older twist type with black ring. There are no lock buttons visible.
Try the mouse pad trick. Turn a mouse pad upside down, so the soft non-slide side is up. Push the lens down fairly hard and twist (righty tighty, lefty loosy). After that, go to a local hardware store and get a strap wrench. Sometimes applying just a little very soapy water to the gap between the filter adapter and the lens helps. Just let it soak in for a good 1/2 hour.
Hello all,
Used a channel lock plier with a thick cloth and got it off. I appreciate the tips, but I've accomplished the task.
Thank you all
Hmmm, that is pretty wide plier.
Yes it was. Wish I would have had the same luck with my Canon EF 18-135mm IS lens. It's now in separate pieces and I'll be selling it for parts. Too many ribbon cables, screws and springs for me to deal with. Oh well, win some, loose some.
Thanks again for your responses...............

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