Canon EOS 3000


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May 23, 2006
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OK, so i splurged and got the Canon EOS 3000 for £50 off of ebay. Good deal? Bad deal? Good camera? Bad camera? Did i do you guys proud?

It was just such a shiney bargain sitting there and i nabbed it at the last second much to the dismay of the bidder who had been the highest bidder for 4 days! MUAAHAAHAA!

As it takes the same sorts of lenses as the 350d (with adapter or not) i can start getting some lenses!
Should be a good starter SLR, congrats.

I suggest getting the 50mm F1.8 lens. It's one of the most affordable lenses and also(one of the best.
Sounds good. I think i will!!! It feels as though i have finally found my perfect partner. I am not too sure what the lens i got with it is so i will hold off until then me thinks. I will try and scan in some pics whenever i get the chance to.

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