Canon Lenses 100D - 6D Mk II


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Jan 11, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I currently own a Canon EOS 100D and was looking for an upgrade. I have decided upon a Canon 6D Mark II as I understand this is an affordable full frame camera which I can use professionally as I start freelance work.

I wanted to check to see if the lenses that I'm using with my Canon 100D will still work with the new 6D Mark II.

Thank you in advance for anyones help on this!
canon ef lenses will fit on crop frame sensors (like the 100d) and on full frame sensors (like the 6d mk ii).

canon ef-s lenses will only fit on crop frame sensors, they will not fit on the 6d mk ii.
You don't say specifically what lenses you have but nokk above is spot on.
As indicated above, you'll need EF lenses and really, those will get the most out of your 6D mark II. (I have one and it have really enjoyed it.)

I occasionally put EF-S lenses on my R6 with the adapter and they work ok but pixel peeping one sees a world of difference compared to the EF and L glass.

I have the 70-300 EF mark II and that is a very good value.

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