Canon or Nikon as my first camera?

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Why does your new camera need to be Nikon or Canon, there are lots of cameras on the market...
Either camera would be fine for a rank beginner, but seriously expecting to "start in photography professionally" is bordering on insanity.
Yes I agree sadly it is a tricky business even for people who know what they are doing. I would serious suggest that you consider a different career.
Personally I would ask any friends who got cameras if you can use them and see which you like best.
You're overthinking this. Seriously, you are. You can use software like Topaz Lab to reduce grain or add pixels. The quality of your lens is going to influence the quality of your picture more than either of these bodies will. Both of these bodies are roughly equal--six of one, half a dozen of another.

The "feel" and ergonomics of a Nikon are very different from a Canon. Most Canon users pick up a Nikon and go "weird" and Nikon users have the same reaction. That's because that while these are relatively equal cameras in terms of performance and what they'll do, they will feel different. Go to a camera store and hold each one, go through the menus. See which "feels" better for you--more of a fit--and is more intuitive. Then make your decision.
Just an opinion mind you but worth every penny you paid for it. The best camera will depend on just who's tripping the shutter!
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