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Apr 26, 2010
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OK, long post.
I bought a new Canon Pixma Pro9000 mk11.
I read everything I could find on color management and I'm still confused.

I have LR3 and CS5. I have been doing most of my pp in lr3 but decided to use cs5 for printing.

I have my D300s set for aRgb and raw and have been using ProPhoto RGB in lr3 and cs5.

Edit;wrong forum I guess, repost in graphics

I have my monitor (Dell 2407wfp) calibrated with i one.

The print I've been getting are ok but not great, a little washed and incorrect tint.

I have tried canon pro plus glossy II, pro semi-gloss, and canon matte and set the appropriate tab in the printer driver.
The glossy II seems the best

If I put the icc profile in cs5 and set the printer for the correct paper, it really sucks.

I am using cs5 soft proofing and I can see the badness there.

If I set cs5 back to prophoto the prints and proof are closer.

If I put the icc profile through the chain it is worse than all others.

So, Where do I start?

Do I put the ICC in cs5 and re-import and re-edit or stay with prophoto and play with the drivers?

I think I have read or checked 50 google links so,
Thanks for any specific advice.

Edit; wrong forum? re-posted in graphics forum
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Do PP in CS, that's what its for, let PSCS manage colour then when it comes to printing look through the printer driver settings for what you want, paper type etc, the only profile you need is the calibrated one, if you print from something else its a no no, when proofing if it looks bad it still needs work, do it in that 700 dollar editor or however much it cost, then get it right before you press print. H
Actually I paid $300 but...

I have been letting CS manage the color, not the printer.

You say "the only profile you need is the calibrated one".
Do you mean the paper, or the ICC profile of the monitor?

I am getting some good results now after trying too many prints.:meh:
I'm using ProPhoto RGB in CS5 and the canon paper profile.

If the printer driver you have the update, the problem of drivers might be able to just make their performance interrupted, so it doesn't hurt to check out the driver, I suggest that you Download CP900 Driver here.

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