Canon Rebel XT vs. 30D

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by mgbradsh, Oct 16, 2006.

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    I went back a bit to see if this thread has happened, then I figured that no one likes a necromancer...

    Ok, I have a friend and he has a Rebel XT. Neither of us is rich so we were thinking of splitting a Canon 30D. There is a crazy sale going on and it's really dropping the price, making the risk of joint ownership of a camera worthwhile.

    All that aside, I looked over the features and aside from a wider ISO range, slightly more pixels and a larger display, what is the difference? Why is the relatively so much more? Is it even worth it now with the XTi out?

    Thoughts anyone?

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    The best thing to do in this situation is to go to a store and hold both cameras...then you will know the difference right away. The Rebel is made to be small and light...the 30D is more robust, bigger, heavier and most likely easier to control. The layout of the controls and screens is different.
    The 30D does have a few nice features that the rebel does not...but the image quality should be quite similar. One thing to keep in mind is a battery grip. Some people find the Rebels too small...but with a batter grip they feel much better and give you another button for shooting in portrait orientation.

    Canon is in a funny place right now. The Rebel XTi is the newest camera and it's the entry level has the newest the anti-dust sensor. The next model up is the 30D...which is basically just an upgraded 20D. If I were to get a new camera at this time...I would probably get an XTi with a battery grip. Even though I chose the 20D over the Rebel XT back in 2005.

    I'm not sure Canon wanted to do it this way...but the new cameras from Nikon and Sony...are really pushing the market...which is great for consumers. I would expect that Canon will upgrade some other DSLR cameras in February...but who knows?

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