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Feb 10, 2012
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Yakima, WA
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I recently ordered a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Maco IS USM lens. I'm excited :) My next purchase is to be an external flash. I obviously plan to use it a lot with the macro lens, but also to photograph my son and various other things. I would love to get a ring lite, but those appear to be VERY expensive and after the lens, I really shouldn't! Plus, I suppose that wouldn't be useful for anything other than the macro lens. about this:

Canon - 430EX II Speedlite Flash Kit - 2805B002-24669-KIT

I know, I buy. But it seems like a nice package. Of course, since I've never dealt with an external flash, I'm not sure how many of those accessories would be particularly useful. Would the 580 be really worth the extra money or should the 430 be suitable? Any suggestions?
That kit actually looks pretty good for the 430EX, with the cord and Stroboframe it should work pretty well for what you said you wanted. Just realize that later if you want to add another strobe to do off camera you cannot do it with another 430, you will have to then go up to the 580 as a master to fire the 430 or work in manual settings with electronic remotes.
Hm...that seems fine. Basically, I'd have to get a 580 eventually, but I might as well start with the 430 till I get use to working with the flash...
So, I guess my question is that if you think you are going to get a 580 eventually, why not start with one, unless you see a future with two (or more) Speedlites. I must admit though, the kit looks awfully good and would probably get you started. My 0.02¢ FWIW.


Well, money of course :) I DID just recently buy the T3i, nice bag, tripod, intervalometer, remote, extension tubes, 50mm lens, 100mm macro lens, lightroom, battery grip, extra battery, and some filters. It all starts to add up :) But then maybe I'll just wait for the flash and go for the 580 later. There is a similar package deal for the 580.
Depending on your preference, a LumoPro LP160 might work for you, it's only like $150 I think. The Canon 580 has A LOT more features than the LumoPro, but they have just about equal power outputs. If you're comfortable using it in full manual, and you don't need any of the TTL stuff on the 580, it might be worth looking into.
Hm...thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into it. I'm not that interested in flash photography in the first place, but I realize the need for it. If I can get a decent flash for that little, I may just start with that and move to the 580 later.
Hm...I see that the Yongnuo YN-565EX doesn't have high speed sync. Seems like that could be a limitation for macro work? Maybe/maybe not?

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