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May 27, 2008
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Folks, I must say that I could not be happier with Canon's service center. Of course we hope to never have to use the service center or the warranty, but things happen. Well, after 8 months, the shutter release button on my 40D became intermitent. It would often work flawless, but at times would only autofocus/read exposure but not release the shutter at full press. This problem was worse in the colder temps. I called Canon's service center, they were very kind and helpful. They emailed me the form in seconds and promised a quicck turn around. Keep in mind that I am only a hobby shooter and have no "privledges" with Canon. I boxed it up, sent it out and it was fixed and back on my doorstep in 9 days (this obviously includes a weekend). Fantastic! I am very, very impressed.

Just wanted to let folks know, if you are needing a repair, do not fret. They are good people and the turn around was unbelievable!

Nice! thats good to know! I am looking at different brands... this is a BIG plus for Canon!
I am waiting for my out of warranty camera back. CF unit failed on me and cost me £125 to repair!!

Could have been worse but Canon are pretty quick.
Do they have local centers or just one corporate service center?
Do they have local centers or just one corporate service center?

Not sure about the US (You can probably check it out online) but they have 3 centres in Canada.

I had an issue with my zoom ring on my 10-22. I brought it in last Friday and on Wednesday (5 days later) they shipped it back. :thumbup:
Well I don't know how things work where you live but I remember last summer like 3 or 4 days after I received my brand new 40D the main LCD broke so I called the store where I bought it from and they told me that I should turn to one of Canon's authorized repair shops not far from where I live and they would help me. So I just went there and turned it in and they told me that the warranty applies even though they suspect that it could be my fault that the LCD broke because it got a huge crack most probably because it got hit by something but there was no scratch on the body itself that's why the warranty still applied :D. The people there were very professional and very friendly too and they got it done faster than they promised :O so I was more than satisfied with the service provided by Canon Sweden AB. :thumbup:
Well we are about to test Canons relationship with it's customers. We've spent thousands on gear over the years. The focus ring on my 100-400 L IS lens suddenly exploded. It's a little over 12 months old, it just ground to a stop one day last week. Lens has pretty much lived on a tripod, never been dropped or anything. So far it's been a pain in the ass dealing with Henry's on this issue.

It's on it's way to Canon today, waiting for a call telling me that, yes it was a total manufacturing failure and either it's being fixed free of charge or here is a new copy. No way a $2000.00 pro lens should just fall apart like that.

If the problem is not resolved by one the two methods we'll dump everything and go over to Nikon. I have no problem using Nikon, we just like the lens selection Canon has and up until now there really hasn't been any huge problems, but this is a biggie. ;)

Hopefully they do the right thing or my F5 is getting company again.
A manufacturer's warranty covers manufacturing defects/mistakes/failures for a year, so if it's out of warranty, it may be time to start listing your gear on eBay. I don't think you're going to like the response you get from Canon.
Well we'll see. From what I've been told, when they see something that is obviously due to some defective part, factoring in the fact that it's only about a month outside of the coverage period Canon apparently is pretty good with ponying up and repairing or replacing. This is what I've been told, never had to put it to the test. Again, no way under the sun a lens like that should implode the way it did.

Hey, if they don't, then like I said It's back to Nikon. In fact we already have all the equipment on hold at Henry's in case. (Be a nice day for them that's for sure) I'm still thinking they'll do the right thing. :thumbup:

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