Canon XSI for pro use ?


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Aug 18, 2007
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Do you think a photographer could actually use pictures he took with a Canon XSI to print in his book or to sell prints from his website ?
The pics are to be converted in B& W and retouched in Photoshop.
Thanks for your imput !
Undoubtedly, yes. I think a better question would be if the photographer could keep his wits while fumbling around with the XSI controls! :)
...and to augment that statement, I was shooting with a fine art photographer who is getting ready to publish his fourth book, who shoots with the 400D and the 85mm f/1.8
Wow, I'm stunned and happy to read these comments, thanks for your opionions guys.
Hey, people are out there making pro shots with a Holga, so why not a Canon XSi?
a holga
they also have one with a flash ;D
if you can make something worth putting in a book with a xsi, do it.
The advantages of a 'pro' camera tend to present themselves in only certain circumstances. If you control the circumstances or simply don't have any to overcome, the images produced by even an older entry level camera like a Rebel XT have more than enough quality and resolution for printing at large sizes.
I'm going to say yes...honestly, anything over 3 mega pixels can provide print worthy photos. On the other hand, there's an extent to the quality of prints that you put out.
A 5D, 1Ds MK III, 5D MK II...etc will destroy an XSi ;)

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