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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I really can't decide if I like these images or not, or if there is anything I could do to improve them, any comments or suggestions would be more than welcome!



Thanks for looking!:D
Well, I do like the first - it has a great abstract quality and I like the colours and light. Since you included the bottom part of the banister (?), I would want to see that PERFECTLY aligned with the bottom frame of the picture. I think you can easily get there.

As to the second, I miss the bottom part of the second leg (assuming these are furniture legs?). I miss that one a lot.

Interesting studies of lights and shadows (and working with window light inside the house, I assume).
Thanks LaFoto. I'll do a bit of rotating on the first one, maybe perspective instead but I'll have a play tonight. It's actually a chair riaght against the wall and the light used is 3 ceiling spotlights which were giving light to a bunch of flowers I was shooting on the other side of the room when I noticed the light playing around the chairs so I'll probably try and retake the second shot tonight and get the bottom of the chair leg in the shot. :) ;)
I ought to have seen the three shadows! No sun casts three shadows. "Window light" ... how do I look? Ts! So better wait for some others' comments and critique, too!!!! Who am I to critique anyone's pics if I don't even see the three shadows RIGHT away................ :blushing: :oops:
well we have got a few mirrors in the room as well, could well have been sunlight rather than the over photoshopped spotlights! ;)
The colors in the first one are amazing, as in the second one. I think the subject is more interesting in the second photo.
ceecookie said:
a B&W version of them would be nice too;)

I did try and convert it ot B+W but it came out terribly, I still haven't quite got the hang of doing that propperly yet!

Thanks Gender Bomb :)
To be honest I'm rmy own worst critic, I'll like a few shots right after I've taken them and maybe up to just after the postprocesing but more often than not I'll end up hating them as soon we they've gone on the web. These shots I was really happy with and now I've gone off them quite a bit. If I threw away everything I couldn't decide if I liked I'd have no photos left!

Just tried a B+W conversion at work using microsoft photo editor (although now I've typed that I need to go and wash my hands) and it worked a lot better than my attempts with paintshop!

These are now the photoshop versions...



**edited to change photos**
i like the first picture...showing an abstract object really impressive..
I really enjoy the sencond one. I agree colour is the way to go with these images. It doesnt bug me that your not seeing the bottem of the other leg.
The first one doesn't do that much for me.

no one reads or enforces the guidelines for posting here anymore i see :confused:

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