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Dec 18, 2011
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Took a bunch of photos at the last show i went to and im going to be at another one this weekend. Just looking for feedback so i can take some better shots this time around.


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Im loving the rule of thirds with these, keep that up. Maybe get down slightly lower and see what that looks like, but not too low, keep the tops of the cars visible.
#1: Busy busybusy.......... but car looks fine

#2: good; the effect would have been multiplied, if the background was empty... i think such images are splendid when there are nothing to distract...of course some intelligently placed objects can accentuate out attention too
Also kindly avoid pasted together images; they create visual problems by mutually interfering

Regards :D
thanks. Any tips for getting a shot thats not so busy at an indoor show?
Hahah..... i know that .... Please find some least crowded point of view... then photoshop...

Take those easy... only suggestions....

ive found the best way is to get low. as low as you can. make sure no one is by the car if you can. ( much easier to do if your there before the general public) here is an example from a show last week.

taken at normal height, allot of background cars.

wow420120036 by JayC photography, on Flickr

taken at close to ground level. pretty sure i was sittin gon the ground and leaning down as low as i can get. but notice there is almost no cars in the background. you get some busy ceilings as this one is. but usually its a more consistant busyness then tons of diffrent cars.

wow420120035 by JayC photography, on Flickr

your shots arn't as cluttered as you see allot of people post which is good. ive found the old cars like that do really good in b/w as well if you can keep things away that really put a date on when it was taken.
Cool. Thanks

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