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Aug 1, 2010
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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
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This one was one of my first 100 photo's with the new camera. The lighting was terrible cuz it was taken through the glass of my tank.

You can fully zoom the original on his eye and it still looks clear.

That eye is AWESOME. nice shot!
Now, that is a dark leo. A normal I am assuming?

The only comment I have on the photo is the white "spot" above his right eye is kinda distracting.

Its a leopard gecko.... and yes I agree. the spot is a bit annoying .. Likely because it was taken through the tank glass. I am sure i could get it out of there some how..
Ah...sorry... Wasn't sure...

I really don't know...
Here is a pic of him when we fist got him...
He has blue over his eyes so we called him Micky Blue Eyes but now the blue has really faded away..
I don't really have many recent full body shots of him..

He is def a poser though..

I got him at pet smart.. he was only 75 bux so i doubt he is anything

Crazy story though...
I had him for only a month and my wife left the top open and he disappeared. So we got another one... had him for about a year and my wife left the top open again and bam... another one gone...

About a month later, I had some friends over and she looked down and said, "is that a gecko on your floor?" We looked down and it was the guy that we had lost for a month...

Bout a week later the same friends were over and she looks again and says "hey is that a gecko on your floor?"

I said shut up, thats funny... but no really look.....
and there he was, the one we had lost for a year... healthy as a fox!!!... wow
75 for a normal? Petsmart has an albino giant for 65. Normals are 35. Canada is expensive.

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