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Nov 1, 2018
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~ Getting Acquainted ~ TTF JACKSON LAD O' CLOONFINISH JH and CASTLE HEIGHTS LEAH are seen getting acquainted during a recent training session. The opportunity for proper K9 socialization is one that needs to be conducted within a critical window period for optimal results. Introduction of the pup to the older dogs is accomplished under watchful eyes and carefully controlled conditions for protection of the pup. All of the dogs that LEAH has spent time with during group training have been very accepting of her and gentle with her.


~ Castle Heights LEAH ~ Early learning experiences for wee LEAH are focused on building self confidence, socialization with both humans and other K9's, motivation, and development of her love for learning. Lessons are kept short, are strategically designed to promote her success, and gradually introduce her to skills that will be invaluable as a companion / working retriever.

LEAH is seen here making retrieve of a paint roller, the shape is similar to that of a training bumper, but it is lighter in weight, and the texture provides a less slippery surface for LEAH to maintain a grasp of it with her small mouth. These early stage retrieves set into motion, the basic mechanics of the retrieve that will become more formalized as her training moves forward.

LEAH also spent time in the water with her owner John this evening and she could be seen building her confidence and ability to swim independently.

So much fun watching LEAH in her early stages of development as a companion gun dog.

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I love your dogs mate. The puppy looks like she is having a great time.

Thank ye kindly. These two, JACSON and LEAH are client dogs and are not my personal dogs. The dogs I own are related to these two by bloodline. I keep all (my client dogs and my personal dogs) happy and well cared for.

Mike ☘️
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