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Nov 1, 2018
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New England
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Aye Mates,

My friend John asked me last winter if I might be able to help him with procurement of a well bred Labrador retriever puppy. I asked John a number of pertinent questions, made some suggestions to him, and we discussed the matter in detail prior to my making contact with my sources of quality breeders of Labrador Retrievers of outstanding bloodlines originating in the UK and including Ireland.

Arrangements were made to get John a spot on the reservation queue for a female Labrador pup from one of the very limited numbers of litters produced per year. The waiting was the hard part for John, but good things do in fact come to those that wait. John picked up his puppy two weeks ago and could not be more happy with his new companion Labrador Retriever whom he named "LEAH".


~ John and LEAH


~ LEAH ~ A well bred yellow female Labrador Retriever puppy out of outstanding field performance British and Irish bloodlines.


~ Stalking The Tall Grass ~ A ten week old pup, LEAH is seen "hunting" for a biscuit tossed into some grassy cover. Early lessons for LEAH on how to use her scenting ability / nose, and the wind in finding game birds deep within cover.


~ Early Lessons ~ Wee LEAH is seen getting acquainted with a training bumper, a tool that will be utilized to teach her the proper elements of the retrieve.


~ Learning The Ropes ~ LEAH has a long road of formal training ahead of her. As a pup from a "working dog breed", LEAH will live for the opportunity to do her job as is hardwired into her DNA. For now, LEAH just gets to be a fun loving puppy.


Rest Up LEAH ~ Your journey as a companion gun dog trainee is soon to begin.

LEAH'S owner is a very talented gunsmith that builds custom grade rifles for competition shooters that visit his shop regularly. LEAH is at the shop with John every day and she is getting lot's of early and important socialization whilst interacting with John's clients.

I will be helping John with K9 socialization and some additional introductions to obedience training and proper introduction to water, birds, and gunfire, all very critical lessons for a gun dog trainee.

John's shop is located on the family farm, a beautiful piece of land that will serve as a wonderful place for LEAH to live. It can be said that LEAH is "one lucky dog" in her having been picked by John to join him as his K9 companion.

Full of character. Great looking wee pup.
Very cool... I have a 5year old male and a 4 month old female English Lab. They are just pet dogs, wonderful and loving companions. The puppy is a little crazy right now...
She is beautiful! Can tell she has good lines.

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