Cathy got a D300 for Christmas!


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Jun 30, 2005
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We opened Christmas presents tonight around here. Cathy has to go back to work Saturday evening, so we celebrated a little early. (She works Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues.) Anyway, I got to open mine on Dec !st, when my new camera was released. Cathy has been teasing me for a few weeks, "When do I get mine?" Tonight was that time. I had gotten her a D300 when they were released the week before and stashed it away. Needless to say, she loves it. It's a shame, but a fact she has always gotten my hand-me-down cameras and computers. This is only her second new Nikon. I was surprised how light it feels compared to the D1X or D3. But all the controls fall right into place as they should. I'm not going to use it much, I have my new weapon of choice, now Cathy has hers. She got all drippy and stuff. So I guess she likes it OK.
Love is... never needing to share your Nikon D300 again... lol

I am sure she is going to love it. Always nice to celebrate Christmas a little early but too bad she has to work on that day.
Thanks Jerry. Cathy works in a riverboat casino and pays out slot jackpots. She unfortunately is getting used to working almost every holiday. She had Thanksgiving off, first time in the 9 years she has worked there.

I really think she is going to love this camera. She has played with my D1's and held the D3 but I think the weight of them is an issue to her. She said it's not, but she has remarked many times this evening that the 300 is so perfect in her hands. I don't think it's left her neck and hands in about 10 hours. Reading the book, trying something, read some more, adjust the menus, read some more, snap a pic of the dog. I may have created a monster, again!
lol... She really must like and appreciate it, and I am sure she loves you all the more for the wonderful Christmas present. The vision of her reading and snapping a pic of the dog made me smile. I did something similar on the first day I got my D200. It was a great feeling and I can tell you without a doubt that she is feeling very special today and very happy. :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
:hug::Yes, I do love it!!! Isn't my Santa the best?:hugs: And yes, he has created a monster. But,I created one first!:wink::wink:
The D300 fits perfectly in my hands. And it is soooo easy to use. I will post a pic or two after I come down out of the clouds!

Merry Christmas to all .
I hope you all get something grand like I did !

^^^ Hey Cathy, nice to meet ya! Congrats on the new camera. (But you've gotta get a different're gonna confuse the heck out of us who are used to seeing it as John's)

Let's see some pics!
Congrats to Cathy!!!

Cathy, would you please let John use it enough for some head to head comparison with his D3?

Seeing what the real differences are from someone with real objectivity would be terrific!!!

Merry Christmas to you both!!!

Well Mike, you got your wish, even though I didn't intend to do this tonight, it just happened. I returned to the club (to get paid by the band for yesterdays work) and took the D300 with me. I did not take the same lens, but here are some results.

This one shot tonight with the D300. The lens was a 35-70 f/3.3-4.5 zoom. This is a small, inexpensive, variable aperture zoom that is really not much bigger than a 50mm f/1.8. It has a reputation as being very sharp for its price and size.

ISO 1600 1/90 sec. f/4.5 @ 70mm


This one I took Friday night with the D3 and a 35-70 f/2.8 AF-D zoom.
ISO 1600 1/80 sec. f/2.8 @ 70mm


Neither frame was cropped, sharpened, or curves used. The only post was to resize for the web. More can be seen at: in the testing or live bands folders. I have posted full size images in the testing folder. These very large files show a greater difference than can be seen in the reduced images seen here.

Again, the test is not really fair to the D300, the lens was a much cheaper version of the 35-70. Also, a starburst filter was used on the D3 Fri. night, so this may be a little distracting when comparing files.
Both came out nice, but the D3 pic with the starburst filter... uhm... wow.

I need to look into getting one for me. I find that even using widest aperture and long exposure times on a tripod, the effects are quite small.
I have changed my avatar to make it less confusing for everyone. I hope you all like it. :lol:
BTW, the D300 is wunderful ! :):)
I wish my girlfriend would like a camera if I got her
I'm sure she'd like it if it was small, stylish, and pink or "apple white"...but if I got her an SLR, she'd be like "wtf? You're the one who likes pictures....thanks a lot mark..." lol
Well, the D300 is not pink............but, it is smallish and cute !;)And it is sooo easy to use.;)
Hey Cathy! Welcome to the forum and enjoy the new camera :)
Yea, that's my Cathy. I think she has finger grip grooves worn/molded into the 300's body by now. I really don't think me, 3 baboons, myself and a gorilla can get it from her hands. So many talk about how big and heavy the DX00 models are compared to say the D40 or D50. She has only used my D1's or F4/5. The D300 is down right small compared to them, and she loves it. I can't find a place for my left hand to grip it, but I'm ham handed. Thanks for welcoming her to the forum everyone, she has been a lurker for some time. Now maybe she won't have an excuse to only lurk. But that's just between us. Shhhhh, don't tell Cathy I said anything.
;)RIGHT,................Let's not tell'll be our little secret!;);)

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