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Oct 20, 2004
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Like so many others before me, I am in the D80/XTi choice dilemma. The thing I am pondering right now is the importance of weight. How much impact does the weight of cameras affect your shooting?

I really like the D80. Though, I don't want to get intimidated by its size so that I never get to use it for shooting pictures. Though, since I have to use a bag anyway (neither the D80 nor the XTi will fit into my pockets, obviously), that might not be such a big deal. And I plan on using prime lenses mainly, so no much extra weight from the lens.

I would say it makes very little difference when shooting. You will quickly get used to the weight of the camera, regardless. If you shoot often enough, maybe you'll even get a nice forearm workout. Of course, I shoot with a mkII and heavy glass, so you may not want to pay me any attention.
D200 + battery grip + SB-800 + 80-200mm lens. Now it's a great set but it sucks a lot to have to carry all day.

So what does all this matter? Nothing providing you can carry it comfortably. The biggest benefit though with a large camera and long lens is you're less likely to be mugged and if you are you can always belt them with it.
Thats all I'd need... to spend a night in jail for wielding a dangerous weapon... my camera... lol.

Almost no matter what the weight is, you get used to it. Where it will make a diff is how it feels around your neck on hour 10 of a 12 hour day. Even that is easily rectified with a $30 neck strap!

Unless you are talking more than 7-8 pounds, its not going to make any difference for the average person.
heavier gives usually better images when i shoot. i am just more concentrated then.

the only drawback is, if you have to hold up a heavy lens/camera combination for a long time, then at some point my arms get tired and they start to shake a bit.

but then again, that is what monopods are good for.

in my case the camera plays a minor role regarding weight, it is always the lenses which make it. a standard full frame camera with a standard 700 g zoom lens does not bother me much when shooting the whole day without a tripod.
Got to agree with Garbz and Alex_B.

The stuff today is lightweight compared to an F2 with motordrive and a 200mm prime.
on my smaller camera it wasnt a big deal. but with my gripped D000 and using the 70-200 2.8 all day long my arms have been shaky at the end of the day. but that is usually only after an all day event where im shooting for hours. Of course I also have the tendancy to hold the camera in my hands way more then i need too. even with all that weight its really only bothered me a couple times. for average shooting its not an issue for me at all.
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