Is this deal good or bad for me?

Mark Roosin

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Dec 22, 2007
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Hi im new here... well enough about my life story :)

I want to get into photography, and a work mate of mine has offered me a deal for his old gear because he wants to update.

Canon 300 D
50mm lens
35-80mm lens
2 x 1GB CF Cards
Extra Battery + charger + 2 battery clip
Camera bag

I dont want to buy his gear if its too old for anything worth while. Buying a brand new camera and all that stuff is going to cost me way over $1000au.... and i dont wanna get an old camera which is missing some cool feature that new ones may have. So im not sure what to do... which is why im here

The main things i wanna do with it are:

Take macro shots of my snake etc
Take action shots of dirtbikes doing jumps
And general pictures

He wants $500au for it....

So i need the advice of some experts here to tell me if its a good deal..... or if im going to end up hating it for whatever reason and want to update..

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!


Mark R
i beleive that 500 dollars is about 250 pound [english]

if that is the case i would snap his arm off if everything is working.

it has 6.3 million pixels [got my info by google]

which is not the biggest, but for a beginner i think it would be excellent.

then if you really like this photo thing [which takes over your life ha ha ]

maybe you could update in a few years.

i expect some people will tell you to buy a better camera straight away but my advice would b invest in this one and see hoe you go.

better to have 500 dollars of stuff unused in the loft than 1500 dollars
This really lends itself to what sort of image quality you are after. 6MP is a bit on the skimpy side these days. I rather seek something in the 8MP and higher range. Unfortunatley, none of the included lenses will really suit your needs. For macro photography, a dedicated macro lens is prefered for its 1:1 (hence macro) ratio and resolution. For action/sport photography, a large aperature zoom is prefered in the 70-200 f/2.8 range to give you a fast shutterspeed to minimize motion blur. The price is right, I just do not think the lenses suit you. I personally rather buy what I need rather than spend on stuff I might not use.
lol.. thx for your responses.... but im still between a rock and a hard place

"better to have 500 dollars of stuff unused in the loft than 1500 dollars"

"The price is right, I just do not think the lenses suit you. I personally rather buy what I need rather than spend on stuff I might not use"

Gah... good points from both ends of the spectrum lol

My girlfriend wants to just wait and buy new stuff, im trying think of how we can save money..... we bought a decent (for us) SLR a while back.... and it sat in the wardrobe a lot.... but i suppose your not going to be needing to take pictures all the time... us anyway

But i dont want to save money if were just not going to get good use out of it, or if you guys think it wont meet my needs...

.... i need opinions plz!!! lol
You have to get the right tool for the job, otherwise you are going to be spending more money later on. You really need to take your time and research your needs before deciding. Not just buying something because it is a "good deal". You have to see what conditon the camera is in(since its used), how many actuations, dust, damage, sensor clean, etc. What sort of long-term needs are you going to have so you can expand later on, etc. You are not just buying a camera, but really an entire camera system. There should be tons of deals after the holidays when overstocks are put on sale. A new XTi can be had for less than $500 USD with kit lens right now. The lenses you need for the macro and sports are gonna be a bitmore than the camera however. :mrgreen:

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