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Nov 30, 2007
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I've been watching this forum and I finally decided to register, so bear with me. I like the advice that you guys offer. So Here goes:

What do you think about this photo? Is it o.k. or too dark? What about her forehead (too big)? CC and example welcome.
Glad you decided to post! However your photo is just a little red x for me.

I think the light's abit to harsh and I'm not keen on the glare on the forehead.
I think it would work much better with a softer light.
The pose/anlge might have worked better if she was looking at you, but I think it's to much of a "dominating" P.O.V for a bridal.
I agree about the lighting on the forehead. The angle also makes her forehead look large. EVen if it is large, you don't want it to LOOK large. Maybe angle her face differently?
Agreed about the lighting, Im not a fan of the flash on the forehead and the flowers seem to be blown out. Would also like it a bit sharper.
Thanks a bunch. I don't know how to fix that red x thing. That was what I saw also. Maybe I need a paid subscription or something? Gizmo how'd you get it up? Your advice is appreciated.
The glare can be fixed in photoshop but the head angle is still not the most flattering as has been noted. The picture could use a bit of 'pop' in levels to make it better.
i think if she may have tilted her head slightly up torward you, or eyes, it may have worked slightly better. just food for thought :)
This might be one I would convert to B/W for starters. The flowers are blown out and there is hardly any detail left in the petals. Additionally, it looks like her skin tone is off around the eyes and nose. It may be her eye shadow that makes it appear that way though.

The pose needs some work as others have noted. The thing I focus on is the hot spot right in the middle of her forehead rather than her eyes.

Guess I pretty much agree with Gizmo et al.
Your image tag seemed too be a mix of html and the vb coding.
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