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Apr 29, 2010
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I realize the family shot is more snappy.
But this was taken indoors.

More newborn pictures also



1. Is this the maternity lady we saw a few days ago? She looks better here if it is. Probably happy to not be pregnant anymore. There are a few blown out spots and I think it's cropped a bit tight, but it's a good shot. Was it at the hospital? (his bracelet)

2. There's something weird with her hair on the right hand side of the photograph. I think her eyes look over sharpened?

3. The colors on this are gorgeous! I think his eyes look slightly over done, though.
The saturation of the blues is a little bit much for me. And I agree with the overdone eyes on the baby. I would also say the shadow on the little girls face in the 2nd one is a bit dark in comparison to the other side which is really bright.

If you take the eyes down a few notches, that baby one would be great
:( I will try but he is really bad jaundiced... Let me try to blur them a tad?
I did not do anything to his eyes really except the whites, there is no pop or anything on his actual eyes.
Is he right in front of a really bright window or are you using studio lighting?
I would stay away taking photo where the subject is facing the window. The reflection on the eyes are just too big.

The first photo I think you need desaturate it a bit. The blue is just very powerfull I think.
The girl in #2 has a couple tiny blemishes - one on her forehead and one on her lip, that would be really easy to clone out. They draw my eye a little bit.
Good job. I like #4, the colors are very vibrant and nice.
The baby shot is fantastic, but the eyes are distracting. If you could take the reflection out of the eyes; it may just be spot on.

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