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Dec 21, 2004
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I have done much reading over the past few days on how to clean my ccd (D70) and all of the products out there. I know I want to get the Giotto A1900 but as for the rest of the kit I am not sure. I was wondering what everyone else is using and if there are any that I should stay away from. I am going to get some swabs and would like a brush also. I cannot afford the visible dust brand it is just out of my price range. Here are a few kits I am looking at. Thanks for the info 1.6X Sensor Cleaning Kit w/SensorWand® & Rocket Blower: Home Improvement

[ame=] Digital Survival KIT - Sensor Swab Type 2 (w/Eclipse): Camera & Photo[/ame] 1.6X Sensor Cleaning Kit w/SensorWand®: Home Improvement
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I have the Giottos rocket blower in two sizes, but just blowing the low-pass filter can only do so much.

I just bought that very kit and some extra swabs earlier today.

My camera stuff is all insured, so if I screw it up, I can claim accidental damage. If I do everything right and their tools screw it up, PhotoSol says they will cover it (and even if they don't, I can still fall back on the insurance).
Judging by the links you posted - this should be within your price range. Copper Hill kit.
Just be sure you select the right one for your camera (the included solvent varies from body to body, as does the size of the swab).

This is the kit I use. It is not as hard as you may have been led to believe. It will pay for itself in one use (sending your camera in for cleaning is much more expensive, and often less effective). After doing it yourself a few times you will wonder what the hell you were so worried about - it's that easy.

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