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    Recently went out to take a few photos in Resurrection Cemetery, located in Justice, IL. The cemetery's famous if you've ever read anything about Chicago haunted culture, lol. It's supposedly the home of a woman nicknamed Resurrection Mary, who was hit on the road and killed walking home from a dance at what used to be the O'Henry Ballroom - Now known as The Willowbrook. The legend goes that she can be seen along that road, outside the ballroom, and will hitch a ride from you as you go by, disappearing from your car when you pass the cemetery gates.


    ^ Old Statue in the Basement of the mausoleum.


    ^ Altar in the basement chapel


    ^ Statue by one of the larger crypts in the cemetery

    C&C Welcome. I'm no professional, still learning :) So any feedback's appreciated. Thankya ^^​


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