Center-weighted or matrix metering?

spot weighted
or matrix, depends how large you frame the flower,
if flower takes the entire frame id use matrix
Keep in mind that spot metering will look at a small area in the center of the frame. Depending on what part of the flower is in the center of the frame this could very well affect the exposure. Some towers are darker in the center and very light on the pedals. Often I see under and over exposed areas all on one flower. Such as an under exposed center and over exposed pedals. Korea times than not this could be caused by harsh direct sunlight.

So my verdict is to make this decision based on the flower being framed. Often exposure compensation is necessary regardless of what metering area is chosen.
My nikon camera shows a flower beside the "Center-weighted" option in the menu. No one noticed this option. I have a 50mm lens (73mm on DX).
So, I'm unable to fill the frame, but I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the flower.
For natural light I would use center weighted or spot....if using flash I would use matrix and ttl.
What metering do you recommend to shot flowers (close-up)? Something like this:

Thank you!
It would depend on how the flower was lit relative to the rest of the scene.

That's why there are 3 metering modes to choose from and part of what being a photographer is about.

Consequently, you need to understand how the camera's light meter works, in so far as it always wants to expose for an average of 18% gray whether you are metering 2% of the scene in spot metering mode, or 100% of the scene using matrix/evaluative.

In the example you linked to, I would have used spot metering and would have metered the stamen of the flower.
I basically live in the matrix, but on some occasions will use spot. Matrix 9 out of 10 times is perfect

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