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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I'm looking to get a new CF card, or a few cards depending on size and price, I want 2GB of extra space and the best price I've found is £42.87 inc VAT for a Kingston 2GB Elite Pro Hi-Speed card, anyone have any cheaper alternatives which don't compromise on quality?
erm, that's where I got the price from! Looks like they've gone down by 78p in the space of 30 minutes, there's deflation for you!
very strange, yea i get alot of stuff from ebuyer, the last 1G SD card i got from them i think was a viking or kingston... there was talk in the users reviews of the card actually being made by Toshiba if you peel the sticker off.... cant remember which make of the two it was tho. still, ebuyer are best for most stuff like that.
Yeah, I've been using ebuyer for a few years for other stuff, I was hoping there was some photography site somewhere selling them for 50p or something but never mind! Having said that, if the price goes down by 78p an hour then they'll be paying me to take them away by next week ;)
Go with Kingston every time, they have a good reputation and a no quibble lifetime warranty, basically you send back whatever is broke, they check it's broke (or probably just don't bother) and then send you out a brand new one which in turn has a lifetime warranty. Products are top notch and the service is excellent, you have a card for life rather than until it gets broken.
Well I've now got this card (Kingston 2GB Elite Pro Hi-Speed Compact Flash) so I thought I'd tell you about it as I started a thread on it already. Shooting RAW + JPG I can get around 180 shots from my 350D and 5 continuous shots at 3fps, shooting in just jpeg you can get about 600 shots and pretty much constant 3fps until you run out of space (I haven't tried that though as it would be pretty boring!) Anyway, hope this is useful to someone!
289 I'm told by the display but it's usualy a few less than that, not sure about the burst rate on RAW only as I'm at work and they take a dim view on cameras so it has to stay in the bag!
I've got a couple of Kingston cards...they work just as well as my various Sandisk cards. I don't often shoot in burst mode so the speed of the card does not matter to me.

The number of shots per card will vary. Some images take up more space than others. When the camera displays the number of shots remaining, it's an estimate (probably based upon the average size of the images). You can even make the counter go up, if you take a shot with little or no detail.
magicmonkey said:
erm, that's where I got the price from! Looks like they've gone down by 78p in the space of 30 minutes, there's deflation for you!

£40.67 now ;)

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