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Mar 15, 2006
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Hi there,

I've been reading through my EOS 20D Manual and it says once I have reached folder 999 or IMG_9999 I will have a display messaging saying CARD ERR (or words to that effect) and the CF card will need replacing.

Is this true? I can't believe once I have used 9999 photos, I must buy another card....

It said something about, when inserting a NEW CF Card it will reset the file number. If I turn this setting on, will this mean every time I take my card out of the card Reader (in the computer) back into the Camera it will start from 000 again?

Many thanks
Just format the card will do?
my manual say that memory card after used and xfer data many many time the data capacity will fall, formatting the card will solve the problem.....
I have formatted my card several times... and it carries on counting... such as the folders canon 105 and IMG_156 etc
Lensmeister said:
I always put my phoos on to my Computer. Once that is done I automatically reformat my CF every time.

Hope this helps.

Will excessive formatting of memory cards like CF damage it?
ceecookie said:
Will excessive formatting of memory cards like CF damage it?

Technically speaking yes it will, in real terms though, not at all. All flash cards degrade over an amount of uses, this is well into the millions though so should be good for regular use for many years, formating the card will scan the whole card, therefore 'use' each of the cells whilst deleting will only use the cells which need ata removing from them, all this means is that the card will degrade at a more uniform rate but still be useless at arouns the same time. Realistically speaking though the cards will probably last decades and by that time 1GB won't be worth anything more than 1MB is now.
The camera numbers the photos you can only use 4 digits. So when it gets to won't automatically roll over to 0000.

The manual is just telling you what to do when that happens. Either put in a 2nd card, or upload the first card and format.

Nothing to worry about.

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