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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by petegd, Feb 5, 2009.

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    I will be travelling rough over the next month and do not want to carry my laptop.
    I have a 5D Mark and would like to transfer my images to (ideally) an external harddrive.

    I was thinking that there must be a way to hook up my camera (5D II) to an external drive like the WD Passport to transfer the images.

    Does anyone have any ideas / experience or suggestions?


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    There are several that will allow you to just transfer the images directly from the card to the storage device. One question is whether you want to be able to view the images on the device or not. Epson makes some great storage/viewers with nice large screens but you pay for that perk.

    Another consideration is a pocket sized PC. Acer makes a tiny laptop that is fully functional and has 100GB of storage space...and it's really not much more expensive than many of the portable storage devices.

    On consideration will be power. Many of these devices don't have a long battery life, so if you don't have power to recharge you may not be able to transfer you files.
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    I use an inexpensive Wolverine FlashPac 7080 I picked up for around 100 bux. It will download about 10 GB on a single charge, but doesn't have a screen. I have had it for a year and a half, and so far it has been flawless.

    I carry enough cards to not have to erase for the whole trip (I carry 6 8GB cards for my D300 for example)... and I simply use the Wolverine as a backup.

    Be sure if you get one to take the appropriate conversion adapters for the AC for the countries you are traveling to.

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